Those falling leaves. . .

. . . drift by my window, as sung by Sarah Vaughan. Perfect.

The other day an excursion to Exeter. Part boredom, part wondering if I’d like to move there. Uni students on the streets, two separate snippets of conversation overheard within seconds of each other.

Young man: “He was Jesus’ best friend. His best friend!”

Young woman. “So I said you must be fucking joking!”

Not quite Pinter but close.  Exeter is a good city but an hour too far from London. So probably the move will be to Salisbury or even Bath. I miss the city for its variety, energy and always threatened anarchy.

Just before the train left Sherborne there was an announcement about leaves. This year there’s to be special time-table on the London to Exeter line, with some trains starting earlier than usual.  If I were a leaf I’d be proud.


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