Doncha just love ’em, doncha? Furry little animals looking so cute. Playing with each other, looking after their young.


So, while not wanting to leave Kate Humble and the rest of Nature Watch cute ‘n furry groupies in shock, but not caring too much if that happens, a few facts about Brock and Reynard.

Badgers are omnivorous, that is they eat anything. This includes lambs (oh no!) and piglets. Foxes will also eat anything. So how do you tell who’s responsible for that half-eaten carcass? Simples. Badgers begin at the arse end, foxes at the head. Find a lamb (oh no!) or piglet with its rear legs chewed off and it’s more than likely to have been eaten, alive, by badgers. Find either with their tongues or eyes taken out, and it’ll be a fox

. . .who will munch on a lamb while it’s being born. They don’t tell you that on Nature Watch, do they? Nor that foxes will crap on a partly eaten carcass so no other animal will touch it (well, would you?) meaning they can return to finish it the next night. Or week, if they got busy elsewhere. Return and devour turds and all. Foxes will also kill for no other obvious reason than sheer blood lust.  Oh and badgers do spread TB. Urban foxes spread mange. Remember this the next time someone on television goes all gooey-eyed over a badger or fox cub. They’re attractive, even beautiful animals especially in the wild. They’re also very destructive. No-one wants to wipe them out, merely control the little bastards. I write this as a Londoner who knows a little about the countryside. It ain’t all violins and roses.


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  1. chris says:

    Com’on bruv – a post a day keeps the docs at bay -know whot I mean,mate .

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